Testing preference elicitation methods in clinical case studies

Our researchers will test different methods for preference elicitation in clinical case studies. We will evaluate what patients think is relevant about their disease and its impact. We will look at which treatment options they prefer and their willingness to accept trade-offs between benefits and risks of their treatment. These methods will be evaluated at different decision points in the drug development process.

Plans are in place to run patient preference studies in three disease areas where patients and clinical research partners have been engaged: cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and neuromuscular disorders. Partners from the pharmaceutical industry will provide more patient preference studies that will cover disease areas from the companies’ portfolio.

Stay tuned to find out more about our studies! You can watch a clip about the rheumatoid arthritis study below.

Neuromuscular disease study 

RA case study

progress: finding patient prefrence studies from industry partners

Progress: preparation for case study arthritis

progress: case studies on neuromuscular disorders

progress: case study on cancer